6. Thanksgiving 10/9

“THIS is the happiest place on earth,” Amanda said, glancing around the inside of the motor home. They had just relayed mutual friends were honeymooning in Disneyland.


5. Endless Fall 10/8

Today’s theme is ‘balance,’ a motto rarely achieved and usually forgotten to aspire to.

Everybody gets it, everybody’s catching on. We drip & cry, I’ve already seen that, Already knew that, Yeah me too. But we will not stop shaking. Or long enough to realize we are all there, already, swimming in the middle of a venn diagram.

It wasn’t supposed to take this long. I was supposed to know when it happened. Then you realize it’s forever, and you are here to live your strong life.

4. Heart of Gold 10/7

I try not to have an abundance of fixation on how things will turn out. They will never turn out like that, anyway. They will turn out as something you had no idea existed.

3. letters to tara, 2012 10/6

I couldn’t write yesterday, our friend was over to say goodbye and then it was nighttime when when she left & no good moments to sneak away. That is how it begins, I suppose, a day’s break.

2. Wine Mimosas 10/5

But would you really draw all your $ out of the bank? Stop working to support capitalism, & ride out into the sunset on a golden pony named Desire?

Out there in the place where no-one spends dough because they don’t have it, people still get raped. They don’t always get along with their neighbors (how could we poss. have good foreign relations?). People are still assholes, shitheads, funny as fuck, stubborn as fuck. People still curse and do a lot of drugs and cheat on their girlfriends and lie and steal. People are still selfish.

Is mass uproar necessary. Yes, and it’s fun as hell. But what’s the idea. Utopia. Against capitalism. What do you do w./ your life? You want to feel better, live stronger. Our engrained society is fucked. That is what we are mad about. So how do you bow out?

The companies aren’t going to change. What they will do is hire more police, get a stronger PR manager. Just don’t use $. They can’t arrest you for that.

If they are liars, they are lying that $ exists. It’s something that was made up. So make up your own thing! This is America, you have every chance to be creative. The point of America is ill dispute, and to be creative. When capitalism is gone, you will still be depressed. “Who does the dishes after the revolution? We do our own dishes now, we’ll do our own dishes then.” – J. Hobo. “For what can man do who secedes the king? Only what he has already done.” -Ecclesiastes.

Fuck capitalism. Disarm it. Don’t get into the idea that you owe a nameless, faceless corporation anything. Know where your energy comes from. Move out from under the slumlord – squat a house! Draw cartoons. Dig a ditch to irrigate your vegetables. Learn a universal language. You can only go home if the river is frozen.

Camp out. Anti-sedate them. Put them back in their chairs to take a long, deep look at creation. History is on your side; the very nature of an Empire insures it cannot last forever. The U.S. has only been around for 500 years. We are all Indians, and they have stolen our home.

So don’t go home. Not yet. There is something to be done. Tell me what that something is.

1. Avalon 10/4

You don’t get a break. Your whole life is not one long break. Nothing is different than anything else. To struggle, you must be kind, and posses an element of faith. Something that resonates with you is not a faction of the thing everybody is looking at, trying to see.

Success is relative in how you’ve helped others & how you’ve helped yourself. Helping yourself is important! But it is surprisingly a lot easier & freer to live selflessly.

You don’t have to settle down. You can be as riled up as you want. Somebody has to. Certain things are trying to make you forget. Meanwhile, you are trying to remember. It’s a shame you can’t live unattached & yet constant; it’s a shame you can’t nerve gas your tears & go in, fists raised. Distraction is a shame. You finally figure it out (all over again), & become distracted by something that it’s not, dressed in a worry or preoccupation.

We have a lot of ways we can move, shake, hustle, sing, write for the revolution. Pick the right thing, & go with it. ‘What is the right thing.’ You know what the right thing is. It hasn’t changed, your whole life. It is the only thing.

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