1. Avalon 10/4

You don’t get a break. Your whole life is not one long break. Nothing is different than anything else. To struggle, you must be kind, and posses an element of faith. Something that resonates with you is not a faction of the thing everybody is looking at, trying to see.

Success is relative in how you’ve helped others & how you’ve helped yourself. Helping yourself is important! But it is surprisingly a lot easier & freer to live selflessly.

You don’t have to settle down. You can be as riled up as you want. Somebody has to. Certain things are trying to make you forget. Meanwhile, you are trying to remember. It’s a shame you can’t live unattached & yet constant; it’s a shame you can’t nerve gas your tears & go in, fists raised. Distraction is a shame. You finally figure it out (all over again), & become distracted by something that it’s not, dressed in a worry or preoccupation.

We have a lot of ways we can move, shake, hustle, sing, write for the revolution. Pick the right thing, & go with it. ‘What is the right thing.’ You know what the right thing is. It hasn’t changed, your whole life. It is the only thing.


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